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Contributor Deposited by Zina TUCSNAK, CNRS-ATILF
Date march 2002
Description Vast corpus of written literary French texts from 16th to 20th centuries:3350 literary works. The textual database is covering a period dating from 1505 to 1997. In this corpus, subject to regular updating and enhancing, the pr oposed text are errors less and the captured data editions are very accurate. Ona subset of the corpus, morphologicaly annotated ( 1940 texts), you can do interrogation on the graphic forms, and/or on morphological tags, either independently, or in the sa me request. There are multiple applications to various areas of linguistic research: sub-lexicon extraction, morphological studies, local syntax and recurrent syntactic patterns, semantic and stylistic studies, corpus tagging and evaluation procedures.
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Source ATILF Resources (via CLARIN VLO)
Subject french literature

ATILF Resources

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