Trasor de la Langue Francaise Informatisa

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Contributor Deposited by Zina TUCSNAK, CNRS-ATILF
Date march 2002
Description The TLFi is a lexical database and a finely structured knowledge base. It contains: about 100000 words with 270000 definitions, more than 430000 examples from the last two centuries literature. A real computerized dictionary, t he TLFi allow full text requests throughout its whole content; it contains also a hierarchy between the textual objects, using a special internal tag set and a special control grammar. The whole dictionary has been transformed into an XML document. The f ine structuring, plus the rich content of the TLFi allows very pertinent results.
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Source ATILF Resources (via CLARIN VLO)
Subject french dictionary
Title Trasor de la Langue Francaise Informatisa

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