L' Encyclopadie de Diderot et d' Alembert

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Contributor Deposited by Zina TUCSNAK, CNRS-ATILF
Date 1751-1772
Description The \\"Encyclopadie ou Dictionnaire raisonna des sciences, des arts et des matiers, par une Sociata de Gens de lettres\\" was published under the direction of Diderot, with 17 volumes of text and 11 volumes of plates between 1751 a nd 1772. Containig 72000 articles written by more than 140 contributors, the Encyclopadie was a massive reference work work for the arts and sciences, as well as a machine de guerre which served to propagate Enlightened ideas. The impact of the Encyclopa die was enormous. Through its attempt to classify learning and to open all domains of human activity to its readers, the Encyclopadie gave expression to many of the most important intellectual and social developments of its time. The current electronic ve rsion implements a fast, flexible search engine. It is a cooperative project of ATILF and ARTFL (American and French Research of the French Language). The Encyclopadie database contains 20.8 million words, 400000 unique forms, 18000 pages of text, 17 volu mes of articles, and 11 volumes of plate legends. You can do: searches for articles or groups of articles (by : article headword, author, category of knowledge, part of speech), full text searches (for : words, phrase, co-occurrences of words, word or phr ase frequency per article ) , cross-references from one article to another, links from plate legends to plate images, links to digitized images of each page of text.
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Title L' Encyclopadie de Diderot et d' Alembert

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