Dictionnaires d' autrefois:Dictionarium latinogallicum

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Contributor Deposited by Zina TUCSNAK, CNRS-ATILF
Creator Robert Estienne
Date 1552
Description The third edition (1552) of Robert Estienne's Dictionarium latinogallicum marks the culmination of his work on the Latin-French dictionary. Estienne, the father of modern Classical Latin and French lexicography (cf. Starnes 195 4), had established for Classical Latin and 16th-century French a tripartite series of dictionaries: for Latin a monolingual Thesaurus intended for scholars, and two Latin-French dictionaries, one, the Dictionarium latinogallicum, for advanced students, a nd an abridged version, the Dictionariolum puerorum latinogallicum, for beginners.
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Title Dictionnaires d' autrefois:Dictionarium latinogallicum

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