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European Parliament Interpretation Corpus (EPIC)

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Abstract The EPIC corpus is a parallel corpus of European Parliament speeches and their corresponding simultaneous interpretations. This corpus includes source speeches in Italian, English and Spanish and interpreted speeches in all possible combinations and directions. It contains a total of 357 speeches (177,295 words). The corpus has been orthographically transcribed. Non-tagged transcripts in text format are also available.
Available 2011-11-22
Description Multimodal/Multimedia Resources
Identifier ELRA-S0323
Is Replaced By European Parliament Interpretation Corpus (EPIC)
Issued 2011-11-08
Modified 2016-11-18
Publisher ELRA (European Language Resources Association)
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Source European Language Resources Association (via CLARIN VLO)
Title European Parliament Interpretation Corpus (EPIC)


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European Language Resources Association

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