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      A boss (an elephant) called meeting,he called hen,lion,rabbit and all animals. The elephant told them that he called the animals for dancing. He told that each kind of animal will dance. There is a bird called Wishklewish. Wishklewish won the dancing competition. [1]
      a chef's death [1]
      A collection of story songs [2]
      A description of the system of transcription used by us during the project [1]
      A DISSERTATION Submitted to College of Humanities,Language Studies,Journalism and Communication,Department of Linguistics,Addis Ababa University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy December 2014 [1]
      A Folk Tale [2]
      A girl's initiation [3]
      A Grammar of South Efate: An Oceanic Language of Vanuatu [1]
      A Hausa-English Dictionary [1]
      A history of Fofak Bay,Kapadiri,North Waigeo [1]
      A lullaby [2]
      A man and a woman [1]
      A man married two women. He bore two children. The man has nothing to eat. The man went and found children keeping a cattle. Then he beg the children to give him a cattle. The children replied,“We don't give you cattle,but if you keep our cattle then we will give you sorghum.” When the man returns to home,He didn't find his wives and children. Then he married another woman. Finally,ants eat the man and kill him. [1]
      A man was going on a road. Two people found an orange. Five people pick the orange from the ground. Ten people peel the orange. Thirty two people ate it. What is it? Answer: The two eyes,the five fingers,the ten fingers (two hands) peel it and Thirty two teeth ate it. [1]
      A man went. Another man run behind and follows him. The man asked why he follows him. The man replied “how I separate from you?” When another man asked the man who is following the man going. Then he answered I am a shadow. Then the man claps his hand for the wise answer. [1]
      A prayer [1]
      a preaching about the rising of Jesus and Day of Judgment. [2]
      A Proverb And Its Explanation [3]
      A relative of informat's stepdaughter [5]
      a short walk along the Erlibach in Veltheim [1]

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