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ContributorKeita Kurabe
DescriptionMoi gaw shinggyin masha ni gaw woi kaw na tai wa ai da. Woi kaw na tai wa ai re majaw ohra nam de nga ai ni gaw shinggyin masha zawn rai myit rawng ai da. Nam na namsi namsaw ni mu yang mung kashin kau na sha ai da. Re yang she ndai shinggyin masha ni hte ni mat wa jang she hkrup mara re na sha mat wa ai re da. Re yang she woi kaw na tai wa ai re nga na nkau mi bai hkai dan ai bai re jang gaw moi grai anya ai nta langai mi kaw e grai anya ai kasha langai mi lu ai dai wa she nau anya na sharin ai nchye hkraw hkraw re na she lahpawt mi na she shat shadu shangun yang shat mung n chye shadu re na kanu lakung hte gayet dat ai da. Lakung hte gayet dat woi tai mun tu na woi tai na nam de nga na hkai ai le, shingnga hkai dan ai gaw gara mahtang re nchye tak la ra na hku re nga. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
FormatDigitised: no Media: Audio
RightsOpen (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
SourcePacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures PARADISEC (via CLARIN VLO)
TitleGara mahtang teng ai tak la ga (Which is true)
dcterms.accessRightsOpen (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
dcterms.bibliographicCitationKeita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), M. Lu Htoi (speaker), 2017; Gara mahtang teng ai tak la ga (Which is true), X-WAV/MPEG, 2018-10-30. DOI: 10.4225/72/598b367d52ffc

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